Business Development Executive - Consultant

  • Advised one or more organizations
  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned one or more college degrees
  • Served on a board of directors for an organization
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio
  • Established a notable business or non-profit organization
  • Filed one or more patents
  • Received one or more promotions within an organization
  • Spoken in front of an audience about an area of expertise


Francois Gau
Unleash Growth in your business, your people and yourself
► An experienced senior executive leader, I deliver results in enterprise strategy development, marketing & growth strategies, and operations management.

► I have two decades of experience in leadership roles guiding sales & operations strategy for businesses within companies as large as $20 Billion.

► Through performance management and team leadership, I was able to drive 3-fold revenue growth in my division in less than 5 years.

► Working with clients and business leaders, I help develop and execute business growth strategies; design marketing and sales blueprints; coach and mentor key executives and emerging talent; drive innovation with product management & engineering; and facilitate team-building and engagement workshops.

► My background is in industrials, manufacturing and aerospace, but I also advise start-ups and B2C clients.

► I am certified in ISBM's Green Belt for Growth, Kellogg's Competitive Strategy and Six Sigma/Lean.

► I am a US citizen, native of south western France, and fluent in 3 languages.

► We live in the Pittsburg, PA area with my family and we are active in our community. I assisted our local United Way in raising $1,000,000 and I am active on the board of GlobalPittsburgh


Specialties: Operations Leadership, Revenue Growth, Corporate Strategy, Sales Tools, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Business Development, Team Development, Client Relationship Management, Market Penetration


  1. -
    Partner, velocityHUB

    velocityHUB engineers high-value consulting, results-oriented training programs, and targeted executive coaching to many of the world’s leading companies, small & medium businesses, and non-profits.

    We deliver:

    1. Proven, high value consulting to unleash growth,
    2. Executive coaching to engineer leadership, and,
    3. Training programs to elevate performance of teams and individuals.

    Partnering with clients, we focus on:

    • Business Growth Strategies to Execution,
    • Aligned Marketing and Sales Blueprints,
    • Coaching and mentoring of key executives and emerging talent,
    • Innovative thinking with product management and engineering
    • Team building and engagement for customer facing organizations
  2. -
    Strategic Advisor - Business Development, Attaindre

    Leveraging 25+ years of successful business development experience and results at Honeywell and Kennametal, I worked with several local startups in the greater Pittsburgh area to help them with Business Development. I also worked on a Marketing/Sales Planning project for a large PE backed aerospace firm in the Mid-West to transform their go-to-market approach.

  3. -
    Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Kennametal

    Promoted with a mandate to lead the evolution of a service business line, positioning Kennametal for entry into a market with potential revenue of $500MM. Directed development of strategy and tactics designed to position the organization as a trusted advisor to clients, providing guidance and direction on the optimal path for parts production at industrial customers.

  4. -
    VP Aerospace & Power Gen, Kennametal

    Fulfilled a critical role managing strategy and business development in Aerospace and Power Generation verticals, collaborating with regional and global business units and sales teams to increase penetration into key accounts including Alcoa, PCC, General Electric, Boeing, Airbus and more.

    Revolutionized performance of account management in these sectors by positioning Kennametal as a strategic partner to each client, leveraging a consultative approach to gain insight into opportunities to provide consistently higher levels of service; this shift in strategy yielded unprecedented access to executive leaders and lucrative projects.

    For example, the team grew sales to Pratt & Whitney, an aircraft engine manufacturer, by $1.5MM at one of their locations.

    Stepped into a leadership and tactical role as global key account manager for the Alcoa account, securing a worldwide procurement contract and achieving 20% growth in account revenue.

  5. -
    Vice President, Strategic Marketing and NBD/M&A, Kennametal

    Led a team of subject matter experts, assembling an in-house consulting group, to identify opportunities for organic growth and potential M&A candidates to support company’s pursuit of business in Aerospace, Transportation, Mining, Construction, Energy and General Engineering markets. Managed Business Intelligence and Competitive Analytics functions.

    Served as an integral member of the team that managed the acquisition of the ATI Tungsten business in a $605MM deal, empowering Kennametal to process recycled materials and gain access to a brand of cutting tools essential to growing our position into Aerospace and Energy markets.

    Assumed a lead role as architect of the NOVO platform (IoT/Industry 4.0) in collaboration with strategic technology partners, consolidating over seven decades of expertise in metal working into a software application that helps users select the best machining process for parts and monitor/optimize for maximum productivity over time.

  6. -
    Director of Global Strategic Marketing and MTI , Kennametal

    Developed a team of consultants with advanced expertise in strategic end markets (Aero, Auto, Energy, Mining), with the goal of providing an invaluable resource of information, knowledge, and tools to assist the sales force in closing deals with clients. Responsible for directing high-level overviews of global strategic planning, sales, and M&A candidates sorted by market segment.

    Directed efforts of a globally-distributed group of over 40 sales professionals comprising the Machine Tool Industry sales team; engaged in extensive business intelligence efforts to identify trends in the manufacturing industry and formulate responses to proactively met client needs.

    Led an award-winning enterprise-wide strategic planning process that integrated functions across R&D, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Sales, Legal, IT, and other core areas.

    Launched and managed a DMAIC-based Green Belt for Growth program that secured additional marketing talent to explore and lead growth opportunities valued at over $100MM.

  7. Private Pilot License

    Now legal to fly!

  8. -
    Global Market Manager for Aerospace and Defense , Kennametal

    Recruited with a mandate to lead revenue growth in Aerospace and Defense verticals, with a focus on securing agreements with key enterprise clients, including Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, Airbus, GE, and Rolls Royce. Expanded an initial role with primary responsibility for sales to build and launch Aerospace market teams in Europe, Asia and United States.

    Outstanding and exceptional results, skyrocketing revenue from $56MM to $155MM through a global strategy that tripled sales within five years.

    Leveraged superior expertise in market and industry analysis to anticipate the transition of aerospace material demand from aluminum to carbon fiber and titanium; led research and development efforts with the Technology group to bring to market a new generation of products and solutions to secure a premier position in the titanium materials market for aerospace within three years.

  9. -
    Manager/Director Aftermarket Marketing & NBD, Honeywell Aerospace (France and USA)

    Director of NOVA Programs and New Business Development:

    Maintained P&L accountability for a new service product line at this conglomerate company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems, with responsibility for securing funding and executive support while recruiting talented team members. Within four months, established a stable supply base and secured a launch client. Invited by FAA/NTSB working groups to contribute knowledge and expertise to enhance flight safety for aging aircraft. Recognized with multiple awards and accolades, including the Honeywell Technical Achievement Award.

    Director of Marketing and Strategy:

    Led development and deployment of strategies to govern a portfolio of six high-growth startup Aerospace Services Providers experiencing rapid double-digit annual growth. Oversaw all facets of growth, customer support, and M&A.

    Global Marketing and Pricing Manager:

    Managed marketing research and value pricing for aftermarket services, including global financing and leasing operations, while managing a team of 10 direct reports engaged in Marketing Intelligence, Marketing Strategies, and Pricing Strategies. Created, marketed, and sold complex integrated support solutions that included spares provisioning/financing and repair as well as overhaul management services. Adopted value pricing methodologies within customer support that sparked double-digit increases in sales and profits, coupled with a 3% gain in market share.

    Global New Business Development Support:

    Engaged in marketing and contract support for all international markets; served as Senior Account Manager assigned to meet the needs of major airline clients throughout Europe. Built pricing structures for complex service agreements.

    Early Career – Multiple Roles with Honeywell, Toulouse, France

  10. -
    MBA, University of Phoenix

    GPA 3.9

Proudest Accomplishment

Launching NOVO - propelling Kennametal as Leader in Digital Manufacturing

Experience Highlights

  • 20+ Years in Industrials
    Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Operations, Innovations, Product Management, Business Development
  • 8+ Years in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
    Business Development, Architecture, Branding, Launching, Managing a powerful suite called NOVO

Education Highlights

  • MBA
    University of Phoenix
  • BS Business
    IFAG Toulouse
  • Math & Physics Courses
    University Paul Sabatier


  • United Way of Westmoreland
    Campaign manager 2012 - raised $1m
  • GlobalPittsburgh
    Board member


  • Automotive & Industrial
    Machinery, how its made, how it works...
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
    Art to part, practical insight
  • Aviation
    Private Pilot, Avionics, Manufacturing


  • $100m
    3x Top Line Growth in Aerospace at KMT
  • 25k
    Users of NOVO in 18 mo
  • $0.6B
    M&A transaction (ATI Tungsten Business)
  • 20%
    YOY growth at Key account in 2016


  • New business development
  • Leadership
  • Cross Functional Team Building
  • Sales
  • Strategy
  • Innovation / Product launch
  • Marketing Strategy
  • M&A
  • Strategic Planiing
  • Pricing

Questions & Answers

How did I get into NBD?

Inspired by leadership in my early career to grow our slow going business in the 90's, I was fortunate to explore sales and marketing... I loved it!

What motivates me?

Customers... By observing and listening to their unspoken needs, I have been able to launch superb solutions. Some mistakes, but overall, a good success story.

What is my leadership style?

Clear MOS, goals and expectations, Coaching style, Fair, Emphatic and not afraid to roll up the sleeves.

What do I want to do everyday?

Help develop, launch and sell exciting solutions that wow customers...


Manufacturing - What do we need most: Sensors, Data or Insight?

Thought of the day: Is IIoT mature enough to get ROI?

In most manufacturing places I have been, equipment is connected, data is collected, but are we realizing the benefits of all this investment? My empirical survey points to a negative answer.

The answers might be many, but two insights are worth blogging about:

- Do we have the talent to look at the stream of data we have? Most places have excellent programers and machinists, but no "data scientists"

- Is the technology providing...


Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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